Staff List

Here is the contact information for our staff.

  • When e-mailing teachers, just add to each e-mail listed below.
  • Please contact the office (303) 982-4625, if you need additional assistance.
Title Grade Teacher E-Mail Voicemail
Paraprofessional SLD Shamis, Angela Angela.Shamis N/A
Paraprofessional 2 Basedow-Fearns, Tricia Patricia.Basedow N/A
Paraprofessional 2 Dannen, Donna Donna.Dannen N/A
Paraprofessional Copy Room Elvera, Lori Lori.Elvera N/A
Paraprofessional 5 Petrie, Bob Robert.Petrie N/A
Facility Manager
Winslow, Patty Patty.Winslow 303-982-4588
Hellem, Pat Patrick.Hellem N/A
Sanchez, Josh Joshua.Sanchez N/A
Teacher/Literacy 1/2 Arnold, Shannon Shannon.Arnold 303-982-4575
 Teacher 1 Frainier, Tammy Tamara.Frainier  303-982-4654
Teacher 1 Walderman, Cara Cara.Walderman 303-982-4581
Teacher 2 Rootes, Amy Amy.Rootes 303-982-4633
Teacher 2 Dalesio, Laurie Laurie.Dalesio 303-982-4598
Teacher 3 Noakes, Helen Manuela.Noakes  303-982-4770
Teacher 3 Meyer, Sandra Sandra.Meyer 303-982-4610
Teacher 3 Frederick, Esther Esther.Frederick 303-982-4587
Teacher 4 Walls, Gail Gail.Walls 303-982-4607
4 Fischer, Alicia
Starns, Christina
Teacher 5 Martin, Katrina Katrina.Martin 303-982-4594
Teacher 5 Nelson, Amy Amy.Nelson 303-982-4603
Teacher 5 Price, Cathy Cathy.Price 303-982-4271
Instrumental Music 5-6 Gates, Greg Gregory.Gates 303-982-7867
Teacher 6 Anderson, Karen Karen.Anderson 303-982-4609
Teacher 6 Varney, Michael Michael.Varney 303-982-4538

Interventionist K-3 Wong, Kimberly Kimberly.Crouch-Wong 303-982-9612
Occupational Therapist K-6 Henderson, Becca Rebecca.Henderson N/A
Teacher/Librarian K-6 Hawkins, Emily Emily.Hawkins 303-982-4670
English as a Second Language (ELL) Tutor K-6 Halferty, Jeanne Jeanne.Halferty 303-982-4604
PE Teacher K-6 Gutierrez, Jennifer Jennifer.Gutierrez-Hughes 303-982-8507
Learning Specialist K-6 Schuster, Bobbi Bobbi.Schuster 303-982-4615
COTA K-6 Larson, Candice Candice.Larson
School Psychologist K-6 Romig, David David.Romig 303-982-7992
Americorps Reading Tutor
Carr, Sean
Speech and Language K-6 Christie, Jennifer Jennifer.Christie 303-982-3919
Art Teacher K-6 Wheeler, Kate Kate.Wheeler
Vocal Music Teacher K-6 Brinkman, Erica Erica.Brinkmann 303-982-4590
Instructional Coach K-6 Miller, Kim Kimberly.Miller 303-982-4870
Teacher Kindergarten Rogers, Susie Susie.Rogers 303-982-4592
Kindergarten Hazlett, Linda Linda.Hazlett N/A
Paraprofessional Kindergarten Saul, Marcy Marcy.Saul N/A
Teacher Kindergarten Ryckman, Alex Alexandra.Ryckman 303-982-4614
Dining Room Manager Kitchen Martinez, Theresa Theresa.Martinez 303-982-4631
Dining Room Assistant Kitchen Lean, Barb Barbara.Lean N/A
Principal Office Braginetz, Valerie Valerie.Braginetz 303-982-4676
Area Nurse Office Pickens, Kelley Kelley.Pickens
Principal/Financial Secretary Office Baca, Mary Mary.Baca 303-982-4595
Health Room Aide Office Westwood, Donna Donna.Westwood 303-982-4573
Attendance/Records Secretary Office Higgins, Lesa Lesa.Higgins 303-982-7211
Paraprofessional SSN Lammers, Sherry Sherry.Lammers N/A
Paraprofessional SSN Peterson, Kristie Kristie.Peterson
Paraprofessional SSN Mawell, Jenny Jennifer.Maxwell N/A
 Paraprofessional 1 Nielsen, Dottie Dorothy.Nielsen N/A
Paraprofessional 1/Library Davis, Ali  Alison.Davis N/A
Paraprofessional 1/2 Sturm, Stephanie Stephanie.Sturm N/A
Paraprofessional 2 Miller, Charlotte  Charlotte.Miller N/A
 Paraprofessional 1, 3, 4 Plumb, Morgan Morgan.Plumb N/A
 Paraprofessional 1, 3 Preussner, Joyce Joyce.Preussner N/A
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